• Catchbox LITE •

For Seamless Plug & Play Experience

Catchbox Lite is a simple plug'n'play wireless microphone system that plugs into any audio system. It won’t interfere with other wireless mics and does not require active audio management. The system does not work in larger events of more than 100 people. 

Technical specifications:

Wireless frequency band: ISM band (2.4GHz)

Microphone pattern : Omni-directional

Battery type: Rechargeable, Li-on

Audio frequency response: 30 - 20000 Hz

Audio outputs: Unbalanced, USB

Wireless signal type: Digital

Audio latency: 20 ms


• Suitable for small Events, Classrooms & 

• Video  Audience 

• Size up to 100 

• Range up to 30m / 100 feet  

• ≈10H Battery Life 

• Wireless Charger [Optional]